Fiji Islands

Experience this spectacular island country in the South Pacific Ocean with 332 amazing islands surrounded by coral reefs and perfect tropical weather all year round..

Best Hotels in Fiji Islands
Radisson Aruba


Enjoy a fantastic escape to Viti Levu or Castaway Island. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters of its lagoons and stunning cuisine cooked from local produce. You can find all sorts of typical local hotels from Outrigger Resorts.

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A private island retreat off the southwestern coast of Viti Levu in Fiji, Royal Davui is the ultimate über exclusive island getaway – ideal for those seeking romance, rest and total relaxation. This high-end eco resort is dedicated to emphasizing and preserving the stunning simplicity and beauty of its natural habitat – including jungle foliage, the living barrier reef, coral gardens, sapphire blue seas, white sand beaches and towering palms.